How to Lose Weight 52 Easy Weight Loss Tips


How to Lose Weight 52 Easy Weight Loss Tips

One pound may not sound like a lot, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. But consider this: four sticks of butter equal one pound; imagine four sticks of butter gone from your waist, thighs, or butt! And, if you were to lose only one pound each week for a year you would weigh 52 pounds less! Hey, the year is going to pass whether you lose the weight or not, so why not use some of the following 52 tips on ways to lose weight, one pound at a time, and watch your excess weight melt away!

1.Skip the cheese on your sandwich, salad or burger.

2.Opt for mustard instead of mayo.

3.Leave a few bites on your plate. You're not helping the starving kids in China by cleaning it!

4.Eat less red meat and more fish, poultry, or vegetarian meals.

5.Grill, char, broil, bake, roast or boil - JUST DON'T FRY!

6.Experiment with fat free condiments, herbs and spices to keep healthy food from becoming bland.

7.Eat a three course meal. Start with a broth- or tomato-based soup or green salad, move on to a healthy main course, and finish with a sweet, succulent fruit for dessert.

8.Have your salad dressing on the side. Dip your fork into the dressing before each forkful of greens.

9.Spread your toast (whole wheat, of course!) with an all-fruit spread instead of butter or margarine.

10.Switch from whole or 2% milk to fat free (skim). It's an acquired taste so you might want to take it slowly by using regular and skim, decreasing the regular milk as you become accustomed to the taste.

11.Cut out the soft drinks and juice and guzzle more water.

12.Order thin crust pizza, easy on the cheese and extra veggies.

13.When dining on pasta, pick tomato-based sauces like marinara or pesto over cream-based ones like Alfredo or clam sauce.

14.Need to chew? Go for a flavorful piece of sugarless gum.

15.Walk briskly for 30 minutes. Take your pooch for motivation and company (he'll love you for it!).

16.Turn on the stereo and dance around your living room for half an hour.

17.Wash all the windows in your house, inside and out.

18.Write down every bite you put in your mouth. You might be surprised at things you eat mindlessly.

19.Think about how you feel before you binge. Are you tired, angry, sad, or maybe nervous? Instead of stuffing those feelings down with unhealthy food choices try taking a nap, writing in your journal, or relaxing in a bubble bath.

20.Don't weigh yourself too frequently. The number on the scale doesn't mean as much as the number on the tag inside your jeans!

21.Weigh yourself enough. Most experts recommend a once-weekly weigh in to keep tabs on how you are progressing.

22.Take up knitting - or crossword puzzles or home manicures. By keeping your hands occupied you will be less likely to graze in front of the television.

23.Set reachable goals to help you stay motivated. For example: lose five pounds; walk three days in a week; drink all your water today.

24.Reflect on your past successes. Remembering past achievements will give you a "can-do" attitude.

25.Get support. Find a buddy who has similar goals, ask your spouse for positive reinforcements, or join a weight-loss group near your home or online.

26.Lift while you sit. Grab a pair of weights or even a couple cans of vegetables and continuously lift them during your favorite TV show.

27.Brush your teeth as soon as you are done eating for the day. You won't want to ruin that minty-fresh breath!

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How to Lose Weight: 52 Easy Weight Loss Tips
Lose Weight One Pound at a Time!
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28.Reward yourself for a job well done. No matter the number on the scale, if you've stayed on program the whole week give yourself a nice little gift. It might be something tangible like a new pair of earrings, or something free like an evening in the tub with a stack of magazines, no interruptions allowed. ANYTHING BUT FOOD!

29.Forgive yourself for slip-ups. You are only human. If you binge or go off program, take note of what might have caused your reaction, think about what you would do differently, learn from it and go on.

30.Instead of drinking a glass of fruit juice, eat a piece of fruit. You'll be taking in less calories and more fiber.

31.Get a pedometer and log at least 2000 steps more than you normally would.

32.Wash and wax your car by hand.

33.Craving chocolate? Savor five chocolate kisses.

34.Choose brown rice over white.

35.Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. Your blood sugar will stay more stable and you will be less likely to binge later in the day.

36.Get your Z's. You will have more self-control if you aren't sleepy all day, and fatigue can cause metabolic and hormonal changes that actually cause weight gain.

37.Make a list of reasons why you want to lose weight. Read it when you want to snack.

38.Find little ways to get more exercise. Park farther from the store, take the stairs, get off the bus one stop early.

39.Serve your food on a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. You'll feel like you are getting more food.

40.Spice it up! Spicy foods like chili peppers or curry actually boost your metabolism.

41.Walk or ride a bike instead of driving whenever possible.

42.Eat a healthy meal or snack prior to grocery shopping so you will be less tempted to make fattening purchases. And stick to the outer perimeter of the store as much as possible (usually this is produce, meats, and dairy).

43.When eating out, order from the appetizer menu, or share a plate with a friend.

44.Alternately, ask for a to-go box with your meal and put half in the box immediately.

45.Avoid alcohol whenever possible.

46.Take your kids to the park and play, play, play! You will all be healthier and happier for it.

47.Start your morning with a brisk walk or a workout video. You will jump start your metabolism, and set a healthy tone for your day.

48.Realize it's a lifestyle change. Once you get out of the dieting mindset and make healthy choices you can live with, the weight loss becomes second nature.

49.Measure your foods. You might be surprised to learn you are actually eating two (or more) servings.

50.Plan ahead. Meter snacks into appropriate serving sizes; pack your lunch the night before; create a menu for a week's worth of dinners.

51.Don't keep foods in the house that you can't say no to. Let your family know you need their support with this issue. Remind them that your health is at stake!

52.Make time. You might not think there are enough hours in the day to exercise, but there are. Find them, whether it means you miss your favorite soaps, the beds don't get made, or you have to get up a little earlier in the morning. You are worth it! And you'll have so much more energy!

How to Lose Weight 52 Easy Weight Loss Tips